CHTF 2023 | Panlei debuted at the China 25th Hi-Tech Fair with blockbuster new products

2023 / 11 / 18

The 25th China International High-Tech Fair opened grandly at Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center on November 15, 2023. As the largest and most influential science and technology exhibition in China, the Hi-Tech Fair has become an important window for China  high-tech fields to open to the oversea customers, attracting the participation of many technology companies and professionals at home and abroad. Among them are many Fortune 500 companies and well-known companies. The number of visitors every year exceeds 500,000.

The 25th Hi-Tech Fair opens grandly

This time, Panlei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Brings a series of new products including the TAICHI gaming graphics card, industrial control graphics card, server graphics card, embedded MXM graphics card, External GPU dock, and mini pc, with the Shenzhen Computer Industry Association(SCIA) at the CHTF China Smart City Expo, we witnessed the technology feast of this Hi-Tech Fair and jointly contributed to the development of China's technology industry.

Panlei’s Booth

Taichi Gaming Graphics Card: performance for improving gaming experience

Innovative design Taichi Series Gaming Graphics Card

The Panlei Taichi series gaming graphics cards have attracted the attention of many participants with their disruptive design and efficient performance, and they have also wide range of application scenarios. Whether it is gaming, entertainment or professional applications, Taichi series gaming graphics cards has become a highlight of this exhibition with excellent performance. Server Graphics Card: High-performance computing, creating a new benchmark for data centers

High performance SHOUHENG series server graphics card

Server graphics cards also attracted much attention at the Hi-Tech Fair,  Panlei SHOUHENG series server graphics cards have set a new benchmark for data centers with their powerful computing capabilities and efficient energy utilization. The staff show its outstanding performance in big data processing and cloud computing applications through videos and albums.

Industrial graphics card: Intelligent manufacturing leads the future trend

Multi-screen industrial control graphics card

Panlei industrial control series graphics cards demonstrate itheir key role in the era of smart industry. Its stable performance, high reliability and wide compatibility make it the first choice in the field of industrial automation. In the era of Industry 4.0, diversified industrial control graphics cards will usher in broader application prospects.

Embedded MXM graphics card: Compact design, powerful display

Small and powerful embedded MXM graphics card

Panlei has released new Embedded MXM graphics card series, attracting the attention of many embedded system manufacturers, its compact design and high performance make it have broad application prospects in the embedded field, helping various industries achieve intelligent upgrades.

Mini PC: expanded application scenarios, second computer around you

Home entertainment mini PC Silver Wing HA-4

Energy-saving office choice WI-4 mini PC

Innovative independent graphics mini PC  Small Square HI-3

Panlei mini pc exhibited a variety of new products, including office series, home entertainment series, workstation series, etc., fully reflecting the advantages of product diversity and portability.Live showcased a variety of different application scenarios, providing users with a more convenient and efficient experience for work and entertainment.
Thunderbolt peripherals: Rapid expansion, one step ahead

All-round flagship, high-performance AI computing host YI-1

Peripherals based on Thunderbolt interface are another highlight of Panlei’s new products. Base on the 40Gbps transmission rate, Panlei has developed many products that can expand notebooks and desktops, including External GPU dock, hard disk boxes, etc. It can greatly improve the diversified application scenarios of computers and bring the productivity of computers to a higher level.

AI computing family: Based on technology and facing the future

2023 will undoubtedly be the year of explosion in artificial intelligence(AI) technology. Various industries have launched software and hardware products based on AI computing. With years of industry accumulation, Panlei took the lead in launching a high-performance computing host based on CPU+GPU joint computing. It not only has ultra-high computing power to meet the needs of AI computing, but also ensures the stability and security of the system for long-term operation.

External GPU Dock S-1

With its diverse technologies and solutions, Panlei's booth has become the focus of many visitors, including government and enterprise customers, upstream and downstream industry customers, corporate customers, industry professionals, investors and technology enthusiasts. Many potential customers have shown great interest in AI artificial intelligence technology and had in-depth exchanges with on-site staff to discuss cooperation opportunities.

The Panlei booth drew the attention of numerous customers

Staff intruduced Panlei products to customers

"Stimulating innovation vitality and improving the quality of development" As a hot exhibitor at this year's Hi-Tech Fair, Panlei demonstrated its leading technology and innovation capabilities in graphics cards, mini PCs and intelligent hardware products in industry applications. With its unique products and technological strengh, Panlei has set a new benchmark for the industry and has won the favor and recognition of many industry customers. Panlei will continue to invest in research and development in the future and contribute more excellent products in the field of technological innovation.