Panlei brings its new products to the 2023 Intel Client Solutions Forum

2023 / 11 / 09

On November 6, the 2023 Intel Client Solutions Forum was officially held in Zhuhai,Many industry technology giants and partners gathered together to research cutting-edge technology trends and explore future development opportunities.

In this forum, Panlei participated as an upstream and downstream manufacturer of Intel and brought numbers of new products, Including the upstart in the PC industry - mini PC, enhancing computer (PC) display speed, quality and capabilities - the Leiling series External GPU dock, and the ultra-high data transmission and storage solution - Thunderbolt hard drive box.

Many people know Intel, and they probably started with processors. But in fact, Intel not only provides processors for PCs, many open industry standards are either led by Intel or Intel is deeply involved in them. Such as U disk, USB interface standard, Thunderbolt interface protocol, Wi-Fi, PCIe, ATX and so on.

Panlei has been deeply involved in the computer hardware industry for many years, and has in-depth cooperation with Intel in mini PCs, NUC hosts, lightning technology, etc. Mini PC has become a major business of Panlei, with three series: W, H and Y now. The W series mini pc is a cost-effective entry-level choice, the H series mini pc is mid-range mainstream performance, and the Y series mini pc is the top configuration.
Currently, Panlei's best-selling mini pc such as WI-4 and HI-3 are based on Intel processor on e-commerce platform. We will also develop mini PCs based on 12th, 13th, and 14th generation Core in the future.
Currently, Panlei's best-selling mini pc such as WI-4 and HI-3 are based on Intel processor on e-commerce platform. We will also develop mini PCs based on 12th, 13th, and 14th generation Core in the future.

More and more mini PCs are beginning to support external graphics cards, thanks to the great popularity of Thunderbolt technology and USB4 now.

Thunderbolt technology was released in 2011 and was jointly launched by Intel and Apple,the biggest feature is that it can transmit data and video signals at the same time, and can also be used for bidirectional charging. This "one line connects everything" attribute also makes it more widely used in notebook, external GPU dock and other products.

The reason why it can meet so many transmission functions is that Thunderbolt technology integrates two communication protocols, PCIE and DP. The former is mainly used for data transmission and can be expanded by equipment, while the latter is used for video transmission. The latter is used for video transmission.

The Leling Link series external GPU dock has been updated for many generations. The open-design Link S-1 external GPU dock is specially designed for users who pursue simplicity and fashion. It not only provides expansion, but also can be freely assembled and matched by DIY. It is compatible with RTX 40 series and RX 7000 series three-slot width graphics cards, and is also compatible with SFX and ATX power supplies. Flexible matching carries the spirit of DIY to the end!

Panlei's Thunderbolt hard drive box has an elegant and stable appearance, and its configuration and performance are also quite excellent. For users of games, advertising design, 3D modeling, etc. who often travel or have high requirements for data reading and writing,slow storage has always been a huge trouble for these users. This Thunderbolt hard drive box is a new solution for data transfer. It can really save a lot of time when copying and transferring large files!

In September, Intel officially announced the relevant standards for the Thunderbolt 5 interface. Powerful comprehensive performance based on Thunderbolt 5 interface. PC equipment will gain stronger data transmission capabilities, wider external device expansion capabilities, and stronger power supply capabilities in the further. That will lay a solid foundation for innovation related to PC terminal equipment. In the future, Panlei will cooperate more deeply with Intel to more efficiently develop more new products that meet market needs based on Thunderbolt, CPU and CPU+GPU technologies.