Peladn Brand-new Bai Kai and Mo Jia graphics card, enjoy the beauty of bravery through history

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Author : 磐镭
Update time : 2022-04-07 11:24:06

Swords, spears, swords and halberds, gold and iron horses, wearing armor, charging into battle, such a scene has appeared in the dreams of many people when they were young.

Throughout the five thousand years of history in China, ancient dynasties were frequently replaced, and there were countless wars, large and small, and conquests and mergers were the themes at that time. 

In ancient times, soldiers usually had armor to protect the key parts of the body. This idea led the designer to have the idea of inlaying the graphics card surface shell. As a result, Peladn designed a new generation of three-fan graphics card - white armor and ink armor. It is like two generals wearing armor, either as white as plain, or as dark as ink, holding spears across the battlefield to fight in all directions.

In terms of overall appearance, the designer incorporates the generals' armor as design inspiration into the exterior design. Four uniquely shaped decorative pieces are like the metal armor pieces for defense on the chest and back of the armor. The stripes are like the carefully carved patterns of the armor. Peladn three-fan graphics cards generally have RGB lights, and the RGB lights of the white armor are also designed at this stripe.

In terms of color selection, the white armor is all white, the ink armor is black, and black and white are two seemingly simple contrasting colors, but they contain infinite charm. They are the beginning and end of the color. The decorative piece of the white armor is designed with a gradient of green and yellow, and the color structure is quite eye-catching, and the overall look will feel fresh and elegant; while the decorative piece of the ink armor is designed with a mirror surface, which is light gray from a distance, and the overall appearance has Mystery and sophistication.

In the performance of details, the material and pattern of the decorative sheet have been repeatedly adjusted by the designer, and there is also a decorative sheet with a "PELADN" logo inlaid on the side, which increases brand recognition and cleverly compensates for the monotony of the look and feel, so that the texture of the whole card is enhanced. be further improved.

When the ancient armor and modern technology collide, it shows the beauty of the bravery of the generals in the Quartet, and the exclusive equipment helps, in addition to the brave, only the tough!

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