PELADN HO4 Mini PC: Satisfying Performance Needs for Tech Enthusiasts, DIY Style

2024 / 05 / 07

Mini PCs are often associated with simplicity, convenience, and an out-of-the-box experience. While their user-friendliness surpasses that of DIY builds, these very advantages might be seen as drawbacks by tech-savvy enthusiasts who thrive on customization and tinkering. However, PELADN release HO4 mini PC to challenges this notion. Boasting features rarely seen in its price range - including a USB4 port, dual M.2 slots, and dual 2.5G LANs port– this compact structure, starting at just over $275, empowers DIY enthusiasts to explore and personalize their mini PC experience.


USB4: The way to Versatile Expansion

The most significant "compromise" with mini PCs has traditionally been the lack of a discrete graphics cards. Base on their power and cooling requirements, integrating a discrete GPU within a 1L chassis is impractical. While some 3-4L models might offer mobile or entry-level GPUs, they still fall short of desktop-grade performance. This is where PELADN HO4's standard USB4 port shines. As the current flagship of the USB family, USB4 boasts a theoretical transfer rate of 40GBps, enabling users to connect external GPU enclosures with minimal performance loss (around 20% in actual tests). This opens doors to flexible GPU and power supply combinations, allowing users to tailor their setup to their needs and budget, with future upgrades independent of the mini PC itself.

USB 4 can be connected to graphics card docking stations and high-speed hard disk enclosures

Beyond graphics expansion, the exceptional bandwidth of USB4 facilitates various mature peripherals. High-speed SSD enclosures seamlessly integrate with the system for near-native storage performance, while multi-monitor setups and diverse port expansions become a breeze. The HO4's expandability rivals high-end DIY motherboards, offering a range of user-friendly and readily available solutions to meet various needs.

USB 4 Expandable Multi-Screen Output

Dual M.2 & Dual LANs port: Building the Ultimate AIO

Mini PCs excel as All-in-One (AIO) home servers thanks to their low power consumption and compact size. Users often leverage them to run Linux or virtual machines with various Docker containers, enabling powerful functionalities like backups, downloads, media streaming, and firewall management.

HO4 supports dual M.2 SSDs

However, networking limitations often hinder mini PC setups, with users longing for dual LANs port and additional M.2 slots, features typically reserved for N100 CPUs favored by "soft router" enthusiasts. PELADN HO4 addresses this by prioritizing comprehensive expandability. With configurations starting from an i5 processor, it provides both dual M.2 slots and dual 2.5G LANs port, eliminating the need for compromise. This remarkable expandability, coupled with dual cooling fans, empowers users to transform the HO4 into a truly versatile AIO platform.

The Best of Both Worlds: User-Friendly Simplicity Meets DIY Freedom

The emergence of new computing platforms often sparks concerns about the decline of DIY PC building. However, these new formats and DIY ethos are not mutually exclusive. While mini PCs cater to users seeking simplicity and ease of use, the HO4's extensive expandability bridges the gap, empowering tech-savvy individuals to personalize their systems. For "geek gamers" and enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering, this feature-rich HO4 emerges as a top contender in the mid-range mini PC market.